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Trump Unleashes Gestapo Type ICE Agents in Sanctuary Cities


An agent with the U.S. Border Patrol Tactical Unit, known as BORTAC, an elite group that functions essentially as the SWAT of Border Patrol. Credit-Adrees Latif/Reuters


Embolden to do whatever he wants now by a cowardly Republican Senate, Trump has unleashed the the Geheime Staatspolizei, otherwise known as the Gestapo in Germany in WWII, to round Up undocumented workers, some with only a traffic ticket, and kick them out of the country.

Yesterday the New York Times reported that Trump and his Secretary of the Gestapo Matthew Albance, that agents from a special tactical team that normally confronts smugglers on the border are being sent to sanctuary cities across the country.

What could go wrong?

The Times wrote The Trump administration is deploying law enforcement tactical units from the southern border as part of a supercharged arrest operation in sanctuary cities across the country, an escalation in the president’s battle against localities that refuse to participate in immigration enforcement.

Sources tell the HMG-LCCN that Trump is still worried about undocumented workers he’s going to play two rounds of golf this weekend, and say hi to the many undocumented workers that work at his properties.

And shock of shocks, Trump is sending most of them to mostly blue states including Chicago and New York to boost the enforcement power of local Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, according to two officials who are familiar with the secret operation. 

Additional agents are expected to be sent to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, New Orleans, Detroit and Newark, N.J.

Among the agents being deployed to sanctuary cities are members of the elite tactical unit known as BORTAC, which acts essentially as the SWAT team of the Border Patrol. With additional gear such as stun grenades and enhanced Special Forces-type training, including sniper certification, the officers typically conduct high-risk operations targeting individuals who are known to be violent, many of them with extensive criminal records.

The deployment of the teams will run from February through May, according to an email sent to C.B.P. personnel, which was read to The New York Times by one official familiar with the planning.