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Artesia Begins Work on Ambitious Sidewalk Repair Program


On Thursday, January 30th, the City began work on the first stage of its new Sidewalk Assessment and Repair Program, which will repair all of the City’s sidewalks in order of maintenance needs and will also establish a regular, scheduled sidewalk repair program to keep Artesia’s sidewalks in great condition far into the future.

Last June, the City completed an assessment of all sidewalks in Artesia, classifying each of them by their maintenance needs. In September, the City Council approved a contract with Southern California Precision Concrete, which also completed the sidewalk assessment, to complete the necessary repairs identified in the assessment throughout this fiscal year and next. On January 30th, Precision Concrete began work on the largest sidewalk issues in the City and will be continuing work for the next several weeks. Precision Concrete began work in the southeast portion of the City and will eventually be working City-wide. Their employees are wearing shirts with their company name “Precision Concrete Cutting”.

The City is looking forward to improving sidewalk safety and usability throughout Artesia and will continue looking for ways to beautify the community. If members of the community have any questions regarding the program, they may call (562) 865-6262.