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These Are the Top Ranking Careers Worth Going Back to School For



If you’ve had a career break recently or want to shift into a new line of work, then this is the perfect time to consider a change of role. There are more opportunities than ever to retrain, with a variety of ways to get the right kind of qualifications to help you succeed, and a great range of job prospects to take your pick from.

To help you decide which pathway to choose for a new career, this article takes a closer look at some of the best ranking jobs in the United States at present. Read on to find out more about each role before deciding which one of them sounds like the best fit for you.

Software developer

If you already have a keen interest and a background in IT, then working as a software developer might be a fantastic opportunity for you. This is often regarded as one of the best-paid jobs in the country, and there are a great variety of benefits that you can take advantage of. 

In addition to enjoying a fantastic salary, this role can give you an excellent range of skills that can be applied to a variety of fields. As software technology is used in virtually every sector, from healthcare to entertainment and more, you are always going to enjoy great job prospects and can look forward to finding interesting and rewarding roles across many different areas.

With software development skills being in high demand, it also means that you will likely have the chance to work from wherever you like. If you feel like moving to another city or state in the future, or even to another country, you’re still highly employable. 

For those who love the perfect blend of being creative and technical, this might just be a dream role.


Jobs in healthcare are always highly prestigious and in demand, but while being a physician can often be a challenging and stressful role, working as a dentist can be much more enjoyable.

Dentistry is a great prospect for anyone who wants to make a positive contribution to the health and wellbeing of others and enjoys working with people. Working as a dentist also provides a good amount of flexibility, as there are a number of different types of specialty that you can choose from. You may want to work more in general practice and have a variety of patients, or you can also opt to focus on one particular area, such as cosmetic dentistry, allowing you to tailor your skills to a niche market.

Working as a dentist is also a financially rewarding role, and being in continued demand, you’ll be able to find a job easily, wherever you are. 

It’s important to bear in mind that training to be a dentist does require a lengthy commitment and can take several years of study before you get to practice, so you may need to consider going back to study full time for this role.

Nurse Practitioner

If you’re interested in general healthcare or a specific field, but do not want to train as a physician for any reason, then working as a nurse practitioner can be a great alternative.

FNP programs can allow you to train easily as a nurse, with flexible and adaptable study options to help you fit your studies into your current lifestyle. Once you have qualified as a nurse, the job can offer some excellent benefits.

Nurses are highly in demand and enjoy a high profile role, as you will be involved extensively with patient care. If you are a person that greatly enjoys being around people and want to make a positive contribution, this can be a wonderfully rewarding role.

A job in nursing also provides excellent job security, as you will always have invaluable skills to get a job wherever you are. With great opportunities to develop your career further, in nursing, in a particular specialty or even in teaching and training others, this can be a role with serious long term potential.


For those looking for a job that will bring adventure and financial reward, one surprising option is cartography. This role involves creating, updating and analyzing map data, and in recent years it has become a highly sought after skill.

Cartography has grown as a field due to the rise of interactive maps, GPS systems, and other interactive systems, used every day by millions of people to help them get around. Maps are also an invaluable tool in other areas, such as research, the military and more.

To work as a cartographer, you should be adept at both technical and practical skills, as you will need to rely heavily on both. You might be expected to understand complex mathematical data, precision drafting equipment and computer software, and be able to use all of this to create highly accurate representations of a particular space.

With excellent financial rewards and the prospect of a great salary, as well as a role that will bring diversity and interesting challenges to your daily life, this can be a great option for someone who wants to choose a break from the norm.

Financial Manager

Working in finance has always been a lucrative and enticing role for anyone keen to get involved in big business. While the finance world has certainly seen plenty of ups and downs in recent years, overall, this is still a great sector to be employed in and has some excellent job prospects.

You’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree to work in this sector, although most employers will prefer someone with an MBA. Naturally, as expected, you should also have a good head for numbers. There are also good options to be flexible in terms of your career, as you may be able to find relevant roles in a variety of different fields, from working in the financial sector to getting involved in finance departments of other organizations.