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Yet another non-newspaper publisher takes a great publication down the drain.


After a quarter century, the alternative newspaper OC Weekly was shut down Wednesday, triggering anger and disdain from readers and writers who have worked for it over the last twenty five years.

The closure, on day before Thanksgiving, was announced on the OC Weekly’s Twitter account, much like Trump tweets his drivel.

“Today, the day before Thanksgiving, our owner Duncan McIntosh Company has decided to shut us down. For the last quarter century, we’ve tried to bring good stories to Orange County. It’s been fun, but now we’re done.”

Irvine-based Duncan McIntosh Co. officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Award-winning investigative reporter Scott Moaxley, tweeted, “As longest surviving OC Weekly reporter (8,811 days), am honored the job gave incredible freedom to investigate and expose scoundrels for a quarter century.”

Former staffer, Nick Scho, tweeted, “This isn’t just a sad day for journalism, It’s a death in the family a day before Thanksgiving. I worked there half my lifetime and met most of my friends as well as my wife there. It was a great ride.”