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NBC: Whittier Sheriff’s Shoot Man Armed With a Machete

Deputies responded twice to the same Whittier neighborhood, initially after a report of a man armed with a machete who was banging on windows

A man was shot and killed by deputies after they found him holding a large knife to the throat of a woman Sunday night in a Whittier driveway, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

The fatal shooting occurred after deputies responded twice Sunday evening to the same Whittier neighborhood. Deputies initially responded to a report of a person armed with a machete who was yelling and banging on windows.

Deputies, accompanied by members of the sheriff’s mental evaluation team, encountered the man and some of his family members in the 8000 block of Rexall Avenue. The man was left in the care of family members after authorities determined that no crime had been committed, the sheriff’s department said.

“Earlier in the day, I guess he was acting out,” said Frank Mozqueda, the man’s uncle. “They came and they left, saying there was nothing they could do to help.

“I had never seen him act out like that. Peaceful guy. Family man.

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