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How Job Seekers Can Take Advantage of the Economy Adding More Jobs

If there’s ever been a time that is in a jobseeker’s favor here in the United States, now is that time, as unemployment rates hit a 50 year low. The country hasn’t seen unemployment rates such as these since back in December 1969. And it’s not just the record low that is making headlines, it’s the fact that there have been so many consecutive months of a low rate. This April marked the 14th consecutive month of low rates, which helps to build stability and trust in the job market. While there is no one factor that is creating these low rates, there are instead of number of factors working together, with the growing economy being the prime one.

Here in California, the story is much the same, with unemployment rates dropping to 4.2% in May as employers added a total of 19,400 payroll jobs (non-farm jobs). This has plenty of people in Los Cerritos asking how they can take advantage of the numbers and perhaps find a job, or switch jobs to find something that works better for them.

Promising unemployment numbers aside, job seekers still need to take some key steps in order to take full advantage of today’s growing economy. Here’s a look at some of those steps.

Set Your Sights on the Industries that are Growing

Even though the unemployment numbers are dropping, and the economy is growing, it’s not a blanket statement that can be thrown over all industries. There are certainly some that are doing better than others and expanding at a faster rate. In terms of finding a job, it makes sense to then focus on these industries and fields in particular. 

Some of the industries that are experiencing the most growth (payroll jobs) here in California at the moment include construction, leisure and hospitality, government, information, education, and health services.

Further Your Education

This is also a great opportunity to further your education so that you have the necessary knowledge, foundation, and skills required to work in some of these growing fields. Take for example the health care industry, which is among those that are experiencing job growth here in California. 

One option is to enroll on an online program that allows you to continue your current job in the field all while working towards some sort of degree that will advance your standing. This will allow you to secure a more senior-level position in the industry that ultimately ends up paying a higher salary. Often these online programs are done on a part-time basis too, which means it shouldn’t interfere with your day job and your current level of income.

As a reminder, you’ll need to read the course requirements carefully and make sure you have all the proper accreditation, licenses, and training before you go ahead and enroll for anything. You can check the Spring Arbor University nursing program link to learn more about furthering your education in healthcare.

It’s Always Easier to Find a Job While Employed

One approach that you may not want to take is quitting your current job before you have the next one lined up. As the saying goes, it’s always easier to find a job while you actually have one, and there is plenty of evidence to back it up. Studies show that the longer a person remains unemployed, the harder it is for them to get a job. 

Anything over five weeks starts to veer off into the dangerous territory, so keeping your current job while you search for a replacement tends to be the best decision. As long as it has only been five weeks or less that you’ve been unemployed, studies show you are more than three times as likely to find a job within the month.

Age Can Be a Factor

While it would be nice to think that unemployment has nothing to do with age, statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show otherwise. For those who are 55 years and old, finding a new job can be much harder, and they tend to remain unemployed longer. Again, it goes back to not quitting your current job before finding a new one.

Open Your Mind to New Technology and Processes

Another way to increase your odds of finding a new job is to open your mind to new technology and processes. Today’s careers are so very different than 10, 20, and 30 years ago. Technology is certainly the reason for this, and today jobs exist that didn’t before. Learning new skills, taking some courses on new computer programs, and even signing up for re-training courses can really help you to move up the career ladder and open additional doors.

Don’t Forget to Network

Then there is the final tip, which is an oldie but a goodie. Just because we live in a digital age, doesn’t mean that networking and building a group of professional contacts isn’t important. In fact, one can argue that networking is more important than ever before, since so many jobs are done remotely and virtually. Often, it’s about who you know in your professional circle, rather than who you meet and speak to out on the street. Those high-paying, upper-management level job ads are not being placed in the newspaper or on the company’s door; it’s all about networking and who you know.

There are plenty of networking events that can be attended in person, but often the best way to go about it is through professional online social platforms like LinkedIn. The key to taking advantage of these social networks is to stay active, engage with people, and post on a regular basis.

There are Jobs to Be Had Out There

In today’s growing economy and low unemployment rates, there are plenty of positives to be had. Sure, it’s not likely that a new job will fall into your lap, but there are steps you can take that will allow you to take advantage of the current climate.