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City exploring options to mitigate truck traffic noise on Bloomfield Avenue

Courtesy globeandmail.com.

BY BRIAN HEWS • Thur. Aug. 14, 2019 • 10:45 am • [email protected]

During a recent Cerritos City Council meeting, Sundance resident  Chris Aafedt spoke at public comment complaining about the constant traffic traveling down Bloomfield after exiting from the 91 freeway. 

Aafedt produced a sound meter he used to measure the noise that indicated the DB levels were between 70 and 90 DB’s. 

“Under federal guidelines,” Aafedt asserted,  “anything over 70 DB’s requires hearing protection.”

HMG-LCCN published a small article about the complaints, which, as the old saying goes, “opened the flood gates.”

The problem can be traced to the closures in and around the 5 freeway forcing trucks traveling westbound on the 91 freeway to exit on Carmenita, driving north on Carmenita to Alondra.

Trucks going eastbound are forced to exit on Bloomfield, turning north to Alondra.

According to residents the trucks are heading to several facilities on the Cerritos-Norwalk border off of Alondra including UPS and a former Vons distribution center.

Residents who live along Carmenita between Artesia and Alondra and in Granada Park near Bloomfield and Alondra are fed up with the noise and vibration and wrote HMG-LCCN demanding something be done about the traffic.

It appears as if the combination of efforts from HMG-LCCN and residents have produced discussions to change the situation along Bloomfield.

HMG-LCCN received a press release from the City that should give some comfort to beleaguered residents, indicating that the city of Cerritos is exploring options to mitigate the noise from trucks traveling on Bloomfield Avenue between Artesia Boulevard and Alondra Boulevard. 

The City is looking at two options, the first is the development and implementation of a City ordinance to reroute and/or restrict truck traffic along Bloomfield Avenue. 

The ordinance would restrict the traveling of trucks on Bloomfield Avenue to certain hours only. 

The feasibility of rerouting trucks from Bloomfield Avenue to alternate routes is also being evaluated.

The second option under consideration is the development of sound abatement strategies along Bloomfield Avenue to reduce the noise impact of trucks. The City has retained the services of a sound engineering consultant to review different options available for the purpose of mitigating vehicular noise in the area. As part of these possible sound abatement measures, the City will explore the possibility of the complete rehabilitation of this segment of Bloomfield Avenue.

City staff will prepare a report about the various options to mitigate truck traffic noise on Bloomfield Avenue for the Cerritos City Council’s consideration at an upcoming City Council meeting.