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Active Shooter Situation in El Paso, Texas at Cielo Vista Mall

Update 11:34 a.m.: multiple fatalities have been reported, no longer active shooter situation.

Update: 12:11 p.m. unconfirmed reports saying 18 people dead, 65 injured, 4 active shooters

EL PASO, Texas (AP) – EL PASO, Texas (AP/Gray News) – Police in the West Texas city of El Paso have responded to reports of an active shooter in a commercial area near a mall.

Local reports say that multiple people are injured, but police have not confirmed that information nor how many are hurt.

El Paso police tweeted Saturday that officers were responding to an active shooting scene and that people were advised to stay away from the Cielo Vista Mall area. The mall complex is near Interstate 10 and on El Paso’s east side.

Three businesses are on lockdown, including Hooters, Red Lobster and a Landry’s Seafood House.

Three Walmart employees took refuge in Landry’s.