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Montebello Unified Assistant Superintendent Gallardo Interfered in Hiring Process for His Live-In Husband


Monday July 1, 2019 6:35 p.m.


Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community News has exclusively learned that the Montebello Unified School District Personnel Commission has found that MUSD Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Dr. Angel Gallardo improperly interfered to get his live-in husband appointed to a job within the district.

The Commission reviewed evidence and interviewed several witnesses under sworn testimony to come to its conclusion of Gallardo’s corrupt attempt to secure the MUSD’s classified position of Attendance Officer for his husband.

According to Transparent California, the Attendance Officer earns over $71,000 annually in total pay.

The interference by Gallardo was of such magnitude that it could cost him his job.

Gallardo did not leave any area untouched, interfering at every level of the process to try and get his husband hired, starting with choosing the two members of the panel who would be conducting the interviews.

Gallardo had no power under MUSD policies to choose the interviewers, and even if he did he would be forced to recuse himself since one of the candidates was his husband.

Witnesses testified that Gallardo then tried to intimidate everyone involved by interjecting himself into the examination scoring portion of the interview telling one of the panel members that “he really wanted his husband to have a job…. really wanted to bring him into the district…. and was going to find a way to get him in.

Once again, Gallardo did not have the authority to properly interject, only members of the Personnel Commission staff have that power.

Lastly, he attempted to get the scores of the entire interview process thrown out after his husband miserably failed the test.
Two of the interviewers said that the husband “did not possess the necessary skills to be an effective employee, had poor English skills, dressed inappropriately, mumbled throughout the interview, and just plain presented poorly.”

They also indicated that the husband failed the oral part of the exam by scoring below 70%.

Apparently Gallardo’s husband was hired for some period of time as the documents show that the Commission ordered that no further payroll checks be issued.