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Rio Hondo College Student Taken Into Custody for Threatening to Shoot Students and Staff



Hews Media Group Los Cerritos Community News has obtained an email sent to the Rio Hondo College community describing an alleged shooting incident that was apparently thwarted by Los Angeles County Sheriffs.

The sender said the email to all staff was sent at 12:25PM by Yulian Ligioso (VP of Finance & Business):

To the Rio Hondo College Community,

This morning the Sheriff’s Office came to the college to inform us of a potential shooter threat at a college in Whittier and to work with us to follow-up on a lead.

The Sheriff’s Office acted on a tip from the FBI of a Facebook post by someone identifying themselves as a Rio Hondo College student. In that post the student complained about on campus as well as off campus encounters with other students and a counselor, threatening to shoot up those “gangsters and veterans”.

Based on the Sheriff’s intelligence, the college confirmed that the Facebook poster is a current Rio Hondo College student and provided all relevant information to the Sheriff.

The additional information from the college allowed the Sheriff to expand their background investigation and develop a more complete assessment of the suspect. Equipped with that information, the Sheriff sent a team to the student’s residence and took him into custody.

Pico Rivera Sheriff’s Department confirmed the arrest.