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ERUSD VP Orosco Attends Telacu Black Tie Event One Day After Telacu’s Invitation to Bid on District Bond Contract

Gabriel Orosco


This past Friday, Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community News exclusively reported that seven companies responded to the Request for Qualifications on the ERUSD’s Measure ER bond construction management services contract.

The article listed the seven companies at the end of the story, which included locally owned Telacu Construction.

Over the past weekend, Telacu had their “premier” black-tie only dinner event, attended by many local elected officials.

The Building the Dream Gala “funds college readiness programs” and honored 22nd District State Senator Susan Rubio,  48th District Assembly woman Blanca Rubio, and Former PepsiCo CEO Albert Carey.

The event was held at the swanky JW Marriot at L.A. Live, with table sponsorships ranging from a staggering $150,000 for Presidential Circle Level, $100,000 for Benefactor, $50,000 for Chairman level, $25,000 Major level, $15,000 Trustee, $10,000 Regent,  to  $5,000 for the Chancellor level.

Ethics Training Guide

Assembly Bill 1234 mandates that public officials take an ethics training course to educate themselves on the ethical standards required of any individual who works in state or local government.

One of the lessons warns that if an action appears unethical, it should be avoided so there is no appearance of impropriety.

Apparently ERUSD VP Gabriel Orosco does not think that lesson applies to him.

HMG-LCCN was told this weekend that Orosco, attended the pricey Telacu event, sitting at one of the most expensive front tables, mingling with top executives at Telacu.

The sources told HMG-LCCN that Orosco was invited by Los Angeles Community College District Trustee Steve Veres, who is in charge of hundreds of millions in LACCD infrastructure funds.



Veres received donations from four different Telacu executives in 2015 for his Los Angeles City Council campaign.

HMG-LCCN texted Orosco asking if he attended the event, he texted back writing,  “Hello.  I was invited to the dinner by a board member. I will report it as appropriate on my annual Form 700.  Have a great day Señor.”

He later confirmed that Veres invited him to the VIP table.

HMG-LCCN informed Orosco that Telacu was on the list for construction management for ERUSD’s Measure ER and asked if he thought it was appropriate to attend gala event.

Orosco texted, “the board is not personally involved in the RFQ process, and staff has not told us yet who has applied. Staff will present their recommendation at a future board meeting. I have had no communication with staff regarding the process.”

Sources have told HMG-LCCN that Orosco bragged to many people in the past that he sat on RFQ committees.

HMG-LCCN informed Orosco about the article that was published Friday with the names of the invited construction companies. By Saturday the article had over 3,000 views and several re-tweets.

Orosco responded, “I’m sorry, but I did not read that, nor do I have a lot of time on my hands.  I am a special education teacher so, I am teaching in the day and I also coach baseball and I am also a single dad.  I’m pretty busy.  In addition our board protocol is to defer to our Board President.”

The district has told HMG-LCCN they hope to choose their management firm by the end of June.