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Cerritos Library offers new “Read Away Your Fines” 
program for children


The Cerritos Library now offers a “Read Away Your Fines” program for youngsters up to age 18. The program allows children to read books in the Cerritos Library and have their fines for overdue books reduced.

To participate, children should sign in at the Circulation Desk, read inside the library for at least 30 minutes and then sign out at the Circulation Desk. For every 30 minutes spent reading, staff will remove $2.50 in fines for overdue age-appropriate books. Adults may read to young children. Children may participate in the program an unlimited number of times. It is not possible to build a credit for future fines. Fines for lost or damaged items, overdue DVDs and overdue CDs are not eligible for the program.

The goals of the program are to encourage reading and provide children with a way to reduce their library fines. For more information, please call (562) 916-1340.

  • J A S says:

    Who inn …H…. thought of this, will only keep kids indoors more. Dairy Valley and ABCUSD, need to get kids outdoor more: Raking debris in sculpture garden, polishing/wiping off sculptures, plowing weeds in the Horticultural plot at CHS, pulling weeds and raking debris along Bloomfield/Carmenita Blvd, and so forth.


    Yesterday, exited South St from 605 and drove by the south side of Los Cerritos Mall and weeds were 3ft-4 ft tall, this would be great project to abate weeds for the students.


    Here is some nice properties in the city, which property owners have done a great job in keeping their properties nice.