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April 16-29, 2019 Bellflower Crime Summary

Over the past two weeks there have been (64) reported Part 1 crimes in the City of Bellflower, up from (61) incidents during the previous two weeks.

The greatest number of incidents occurred on Tuesdays (14) and Fridays (13).


Break-down of crimes:

Aggravated Assault (3)

Robbery (9)

Grand Theft Auto (12)

Theft from Motor Vehicle (18)

Burglary (9, 6 Residential and 3 Commercial)

Other thefts (13)


There were (9) robberies during this time period.

1)      10000 block of Alondra Blvd. (4/16-Day): The victim’s boyfriend held a gun to her head and stole her money. When the victim saw the opportunity, she ran out of the location and drove off with a friend.

2)      10000 block of Flower St. (4/16-Day): The victim was walking to her car when the suspect approached her, demanded her car and tried to take her purse. A struggle ensued and the suspect was able to take the victim’s keys. The suspect took off running but was located nearby my responding deputies and taken into custody.

3)      9000 block of Maplewood St. (4/16-Evening): Two suspects approached the victim and attempted to snatch the purse from her shoulder. The suspects fled the scene together but were located nearby and taken into custody.

4)      17000 block of Bellflower Blvd. (4/19-Morning): The suspect entered the location, selected items and argued with the clerk as she threw merchandise at him and left. The suspect was detained near the side of the location and taken into custody.

5)      9000 block of Flower St. (4/19-Evening): The victim was sleeping in his unlocked vehicle when the suspect entered, pulled a knife on the victim and demanded his money and car. The suspect drove off in the victim’s car with the victim inside then forced him out of the car and drove off out of view.

6)      Arthurdale St & Bellflower Blvd. (4/25-Evening): The victim was walking when the suspect approached him at gunpoint and demanded his property. The victim complied and the suspect left. The victim was able to track his cell phone until deputies located the suspect nearby and took him into custody.

7)      Bixby Ave & 91 Fwy. (4/27-Morning): The victim parked her vehicle and was confronted by the suspect as she exited. The suspect beat her up and took her backpack, then got into the car driven by a second suspect and they drove off out of view.

8)      16000 block of Woodruff Ave. (4/29-Day): The victim and her boyfriend were arguing when he drove off in her car while she was inside. The suspect threatened to harm the suspect, stole her money then drove her back to her apartment. The suspect got into his car and drove off out of view.

9)      Clark Ave & Somerset Blvd. (4/29-Day): The victim was riding her bike when her boyfriend/suspect pulled her off of it. The suspect stole the victim’s property and ran off. The suspect was located shortly after and taken into custody.