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Hemet Valley Medical Center to Hold Disaster Preparedness Drill


The Drill Will Simulate the Emergency Response to a Major Earthquake

HEMET, CALIF – Hemet Valley Medical Center is scheduled to hold a disaster preparedness drill that will simulate an emergency response to a major earthquake. The drill will be held Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 9:00 am in conjunction with the Hemet Police and Fire Departments, Soboba Fire Department, Riverside County Emergency Management Department, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, and American Medical Response.

The simulation will proceed as follows:

The simulation will begin at approximately 8:55 am.  A simulated 6.4 magnitude earthquake strikes in Hemet, California. The simulated earthquake shakes the hospital for approximately 40 seconds. Throughout the simulated quake, light fixtures sway, items fall from the shelves and walls, the lights briefly flicker, and individuals are frightened with several staff members injured.  Within minutes, a simulated aftershock is felt, this time lasting approximately 10 seconds but causing additional panic. The power remains on, but within minutes of the initial simulated quake utility water to the facility fails.

“Proactively preparing for potential emergency response situations is our responsibility to our patients, and the communities we serve,” said Peter Baronoff, CEO of KPC Health.  “Our local partners and law enforcement officials have been extremely thorough and diligent to ensure we are coordinated, prepared, and ready for anything, and we thank them for their efforts.”

Hemet Valley Medical Center is part of the KPC Health system of hospitals. KPC Health owns and operates a group of integrated healthcare delivery systems consisting of acute care hospitals, Independent Physician Associations, medical groups, and various fully integrated multi-specialty medical facilities. KPC Health’s current system of hospitals includes seven full-service acute care hospitals located throughout southern California.