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EXCLUSIVE: Text Messages Show Buena Park Councilwoman Sunny Park Paid Day Laborers to Steal Campaign Signs


The saga of Buena Park City Councilwoman Sunny “Youngsun” Park, who has attended two arraignment hearings in Orange County Superior Court, with another hearing scheduled for March 20, just got a bit more interesting, with the latest discovery likely prompting a recall and possible jail time.

Park was arrested by the Buena Park Police Oct.19, 2018 for stealing campaign signs critical of her then-City Council candidacy.

She is facing a misdemeanor petty theft charge and is looking at a six month jail sentence if convicted.

Park was caught on video with an “unidentified man” taking signs reading “No Sunny Park, Carpetbagger.” Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community News was first to report the video Oct 21.

Park has vehemently denied she was stealing, stating she collected the signs as evidence of a Fair Political Practices Commission violation because the signs did not indicate who paid for them.

In an email, the FPPC told HMG-LCCN that while it is recommended that signs have a committee identification number indicating who paid, it is not legally required.

The unidentified man was never caught, and rumors persisted that Park hired another man to steal the signs, but the District Attorney could not find additional evidence.

Until now.

HMG-LCCN has obtained group text messages between Park and an associate who helped her campaign, that strongly suggest Park orchestrated the entire scheme to steal the campaign signs.

The texts were sent to HMG-LCCN from a person who was a part of the group message and wished to remain anonymous.

HMG-LCCN contacted Park’s associate who confirmed it was his texts. The associate wanted to remain anonymous for now, saying he was talking to the Orange County District Attorney and prosecutors.

The texts were in Korean, with the associate describing the text conversation prior to HMG-LCCN receiving a translation.

And it was clear that Park, contrary to her claims in court, intended to steal the signs.

“She hired two Hispanic men from Home Depot, one went by himself, the other went with Sunny,” said the associate, “she gave $100 to both guys.”

One of the men owned a truck and reportedly stole over 130 signs, the other man, along with Park, stole over 30 signs.

The associate said they ended up at Joyce Ahn’s house, where she was slated to help them destroy the signs, but the BPD arrived and arrested Park.



“I worked hard to support her, and she betrayed me. She wanted to hide the stealing from me, I only found out after she was arrested,” said the associate.

“Later she tried to blame me for planning the whole thing and stealing the signs, so now I am talking to prosecutors.”

Park and her attorney Julie Swain, did not respond to several requests for comment.

Below is the text messages with translation on the right.

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