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Centra Basin Director Leticia Vasquez Hides Behind Her Lawyer-Husband, Refuses to Answer Question About Alleged 2016 Campaign Violations

DIRECTOR Leticia Vasquez will not answer simple yes or no questions about the alleged violations related to her 2016 Central Basin campaign.



Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community News has been attempting to contact Central Basin Director Leticia Vasquez for weeks to confirm or deny a story concerning alleged violations in her 2016 election campaign.

HMG-LCCN emailed a set of questions to both to her and her lawyer-husband Ron Wilson on Feb. 27 including a copy to Central Basin’s Communications Director Joseph Legaspi, who forwarded the email to Vasquez.

Vasquez did not answer direct questions, stating “your story is false.”

HMG-LCCN sent a second set of questions, this time simply asking for yes or no answers related to the first set of questions sent on Feb. 27.



Vasquez sent the same letter as a response, stating “your story is false.”

So, in an unprecedented move, HMG-LCCN will send Vasquez the entire finished article concerning  her alleged 2016 campaign violations, giving her the chance to refute anything in the story.

“We are giving Ms. Vasquez unprecedented access to the story to ensure that any criticisms of the article are incorporated into the final version that is published,” said HMG-LCCN publisher Brian Hews, “she will be allowed to criticize the content of the article only.”

HMG-LCCN will give Vasquez until Friday March 15, 2019 at 5 p.m. to refute anything in the article.