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Investigation Reveals East L.A. California Highway Officers Patrol Falsified Payroll Records


An investigation by the CHP has found evidence that officers of the East Los Angeles CHP cheated payroll by pumping up their overtime while working to protect construction workers for Caltrans.

The investigation found over $360,000 in false claims, the CHP said Caltrans is assisting in the investigation.

The station could not say how many officers are involved; there are 99 officers and 10 sergeants that work out of the station.

CHP has shared information with the Los Angeles District Attorney which will determine if the actions are criminal.

“I am frankly angered and appalled by the actions of those involved,” CHP Commissioner Warren Stanley said in a statement. “Let me be clear the CHP does not tolerate misconduct by any its employees. The moment the CHP discovered the potential misconduct we immediately launched an investigation.”

The California Association of Highway Patrolman issued a statement saying, “on behalf of the 14,000 men and women who make up our membership, we’re saddened by these allegations against employees of the CHP, this ongoing investigation serves as a reminder to us all of the important bond of trust we share with the public we serve in the importance of carrying out our duties with the integrity expected of our profession.”

it is proven the officers cheated, they could face fraud, conspiracy, and theft of public fund charges.

CHP officials examine all 103 stations in California and the East LA office was the only station that committed fraud.