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Daniel Fierro Files Retaliation Lawsuit Naming Asm. Cristina Garcia, Sharon Quirk-Silva, the State Assembly and the Assembly Rules Committee



A story that was exclusively reported by Hews Media Group-Community News has morphed into a wide ranging lawsuit involving Asm. Cristina Garcia, Sharon Quirk Silva  the State Assembly, the Assembly Rules Committee and the State of California.


EXCLUSIVE: Fullerton Asm. Quirk-Silva Under Investigation for Influence Peddling and Retaliation Against Accuser of Asm. Cristina Garcia


Last year, the California State Assembly was investigating groping allegations against Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia leveled by Daniel Fierro.

HMG-LCCN reported that the investigation turned into a wide-ranging political influence and retaliation investigation revolving around Garcia, 65th District Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (D-Fullerton), and her husband, Fullerton Council Member Jesus Silva.

The three told a local businessman who was running for office in Orange County not to hire Fierro for campaign services.

Sources told HMG-LCCN there were actual texts between Silva, Garcia and the local businessman.

At the time all parties denied the allegations and it was later dismissed by the Assembly Rules Committee.

That ruling forced Fierro to file the lawsuit today in the U.S. District Court in Sacramento.

Fierro’s complaint for damages includes charges of retaliation, retaliation in violation of the Fair Employment and Housing Act, discrimination in violation of the Fair Employment and Housing Act, intentional interference with prospective economic relations, defamation, and violations under the whistleblower act.

“Clearly we would not get any justice from the Assembly so we had to file the lawsuit,” said Fierro’s attorney Robin D. Dal Soglio of Dal Soglio and Martens LLP. “The first investigation Garcia claimed she was not in the dugout with Fierro, then the second investigation, when they were allowed to interview witnesses, Garcia then admitted she was in the dugout and inappropriately touched Danny. So she lied and was still not found guilty of sexual harassment.”


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