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Jared’s in Cerritos Robbed by Armed Gunmen


Tuesday Jan. 22, 2019

Update from the Cerritos Sheriff’s station:

On Monday, January 21, 2019, at approximately 5: 16 p.m., Cerritos Station deputies responded to “Jared Jeweler” located at 18711 Gridley Road,
Cerritos, regarding a “Robbery Just Occurred ” call for service.

A preliminary investigation revealed seven male black suspects entered the location.

The 1st suspect that entered the store pointed a black long rifle pellet gun at a store employee (Victim, 60 years old, resident of Cerritos).
The other male suspects began hitting the glass with sledge hammers.

The victim said she heard a loud bang and felt a pain to her right cheek, which began to bleed . The victim stated she was unsure if she was struck or shot
with the pellet gun.

A second store employee (Victim, 52 years old , resident of Rancho Palos Verdes) came out from the back of the store and was grabbed by a different

The suspect asked him where the safe was located. The victim told the suspect where the safe was located. The suspect then dragged him with
the collar of his shirt to the safe. The suspect told the victim to open the safe, which he did . The suspect saw that the safe was empty and asked the
victim where the cash was . The victim told the suspect the cash in the register . The suspect guided the victim to the register and told him to open
it. When the victim opened the register , he turned to give the money to the suspect and saw him running out of the location with the other suspects.

The second victim saw the suspects get into a black Kia Soul and an older model, two door, red Honda Accord . The suspects drove south on Gridley
Road toward South Street, then entered the northbound 605 freeway and was out of view.

The first victim’s right cheek was injured during this incident. Los Angeles County Fire Engine 30 responded, under the supervision of Captain Dancic.

She was treated at the location and transported to La Palma Hospital for her injuries. The second victim was not injured during the incident .

Cerritos Station deputies checked the area for the suspect, which was met with negative results. Cerritos Station detectives will conduct the follow-up


Jared’s Jewelery store in the Los Cerritos Center parking lot was robbed yesterday Monday evening, Cerritos Sheriffs are reporting.

Sometime after 5 p.m. several men entered the store with one suspect pointing a rifle at an employee while others smashed glass display cases to steal items.

Deputies said the suspects left in two vehicles, two-door red Honda Accord and a black Kia Soul.

One employee suffered a minor injury.