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SYMOND BOSCHETTO, with the help of his father Russell, established Share Hope USA at the age of eight. Symond is seen here at a homeless camp helping out.



Aurelia, a single mother and her two children, Abel, 11 and Mirna, 17, did not have money for a tree, gifts, or food. Two local students, 11 year old Symond and 17 year old Hillary Boschetto, swung into action and through the nonprofit Share Hope USA brought the family a tree, gifts and good cheer for the holidays.

“We believe that the opportunity of being a good person is afforded to each and everyone one of us,” said Russell Boschetto, CEO and President of Share Hope USA,” we all need to be good. Good mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters. Share Hope USA affords us an avenue to be able to be good stewards by sharing hope.” 

Boschetto said that Aurelia often spends ten to twelve hours a day collecting cans to be able to feed, clothe and put a roof over her children’s heads, “She is a great example of a parent working hard to provide for her family, no matter how tough it is.”

Share Hope USA has collected over 17,000 containers of Play-Doh for local children’s hospitals and has fed over 7,000 homeless men and women. 

“At the age of 8,” says Boschetto,” my son couldn’t understand why someone should be homeless and hungry. So he decided to do something about it and Share Hope USA was born. As the founder of Share Hope USA, a non-profit organization, he tends to the needs of others by organizing outreach events to feed the homeless, to cut their hair, and to help them with their medical needs.”

Based in Downey California, the sky is the limit for this young man and the organization he founded. “His resolve is clear. His passion is fierce and his drive is unwavering,” says Boschetto.

Visit www.sharehopeusa.com for more information on how to donate, volunteer, or sponsor.