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YOUTH CENTER ED Lina Lumme giving thanks to Ganahl Lumber for saving the day and making their tree lot a success this year. Ganahl Lumber purchased their surplus of trees, which allowed the Youth Center to distribute them to families in need.



Sales at Center’s xmas tree lot fell short this year, Ganahl stepped up and paid for the surplus trees


After hosting The Youth Center’s Tree Lot for 18 years, but being unable to do so this past season due to construction, Ganahl Lumber in Los Alamitos graciously sponsored the nonprofit’s major fundraiser in several ways including paying more than $20,000 towards 300 surplus trees which helped families in need.

With their generous support, The Youth Center was able to distribute the trees to the military, veterans and families in need. Along with donating trees, Ganahl  Lumber gave The Youth Center use of storage space for equipment needed and supplies for the tree lot. They also gave their time to transport items needed to help set up the lot, which was held at a new location in Cypress this past year, according to Youth Center After School Program Director Jay Martz, who served as a tree lot manager. 

“Out of our 19 years of having the tree lot, Ganahl Lumber has donated their space for 18 consecutive years,” Martz said. “Although they weren’t able to provide a location this year due to construction, they still went above and beyond to ensure The Youth Center and families in need received the help they needed.”

The Youth Center Executive Director Lina Lumme said Ganahl Lumber donated a check for $20,380 that covered the retail cost of all 300 trees in surplus at the end of this holiday season.

“To have such a big left over [supply] of trees was devastating,” explained Lumme. “Chad Kidder from Ganahl Lumber came to our rescue to make our fundraiser for youth in our community a success, and without their help we would be at a significant loss this year,” said Lumme. “This fundraising event helps us keep our doors open for our after school program year round.” 

“It is our company culture to support the communities in which our company operates,” said Ganahl Lumber Los Alamitos General Manager Chad Kidder. “We believe it’s our responsibility and are happy to help out several nonprofit organizations within Los Alamitos.”

The tree lot also provides community service hours for youth and corporate volunteers, and supports Los Alamitos High School baseball.

The Youth Center in Los Alamitos is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that receives financial support through grants and the community at large, and does not receive any State or Federal funds. Their After School Program has about 300 children enrolled annually. They also provide summer camps and the only elementary music program in the Los Alamitos Unified School District. Annually, they distribute more than $100,000 in scholarships to families in need so parents can work or find work to support their family. 

“Ganahl Lumber came to our rescue in so many ways and helped change lives for the better,” said Lumme. “They are, quite simply, our superhero of the season!”

For more information about The Youth Center and their programs, please visit online at www.theyouthcenter.org.