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Montebello City Council Elections: Art Barajas Gains 25 Votes, Now Only Seven Behind Angie Jimenez for Last Seat


According to lavote.net, the Norwalk Registrar/Recorder’s website, Angie Jimenez’ lead, which was 32 votes, has shrunk to a miniscule seven votes over long-time incumbent Art Barajas.

Jimenez was at 3,190 days ago, her tally is now at 3,835, a gain of 645.

Barajas was at 3,158, his tally is now at 3,828, a gain of 670 which equals 25 additional votes over Jimenez since the last count.

HMG-LCCN sent a text to Barajas asking if he would call for a recount without response.

City Attorney Arnold Glasman returned an email indicating that Barajas would have to pay for a recount; recounts typically cost thousands of dollars.

If the vote tally holds, three incumbents will lose their seats: Barajas, Vivian Romero, and Bill Molinari.

Current totals:

Salvador Melendez (N)                            3,973

Kimberly Ann Cobos-Cawthorne (N)     3,906

Angie M. Jimenez (N)                              3,835

Art Barajas (N)                                          3,828