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JUNIORS AND SENIORS gather at Norwalk High to give away more than $20,000 to charities. The money was collected selling granola bars. Photo by Tammye McDuff.



The junior and senior classes at Norwalk High School held their annual “Giving Charity to Charities” assembly on Thursday, November 15, 2018 in the school gymnasium. 

Since 2013, the program has raised nearly $100,000 for 84 charities selling only granola bars.

This is the seventh year that Charity to Charities has been raising funds for altruistic groups. Many organizations were introduced to the senior class through a special presentation class and gave reasons why their charity should be selected. The presentations were often of a personal nature affecting the individual student, friend or family member.  Every story was heart wrenching, with some tearing up during the assembly. 

“We used to have a senior project,” recalls Coach Dean Gray, “but due to a change in scheduling, it was decided not to continue the practice.” There was a part of the project that Gray really liked, so sitting in his backyard one day he had an epiphany,” A friend of mine teaches Econ and we decided we would have seniors raise funds to support a charity of their choosing.”

Senior class president and ASB president also presented checks to the North Valley Community Foundation for $1,000 and to the Borderline and Rotary Club of Westlake Village for $1,000 to aide those victims of the recent shooting and fire storm.

Beginning at 9:00 a.m. each student was given the opportunity to sit down over coffee and donuts, to speak with a representative from their chosen charity.  Approximately 500 students gathered to honor representatives from 18 charities and present their checks. 

This year’s charities included thirst Project; Alzheimer’s Los Angeles; Downtown Dog Rescue; Doctors without Borders; Lupus LA; Breast Cancer Angels; Together We Rise; Peace Over Violence; City of Hope; Sickle Cell Foundation; Newborns in Need; UNICEF; Make-A-Wish; Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles; Save The Children; National Immigration Law Center and 

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the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society .

Jasmen Mendoza chose Miller Children’s and Women’s Hospital because it was near to her heart,” I had to spend time at the hospital, because of an illness and my sister was there for some time, while she fought cancer. When I gave my speech, I was really emotional. But the people at the hospital were so nice and they treated my sister and me with love and respect, I just wanted to do something for them in return.”Andrea chattier, Music Therapist for MCWH was on hand to receive Mendoza’s donation.

After the presentation, students and guests were invited to partake in lunch at the quad with 147 pizzas.