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MS. RAMOSO celebrates with her family at Pirates Kitchen in Artesia.


Melissa Ramoso has declared a victory in her bid for a seat as the only woman on the Artesia City Council.  “It has been such an incredible journey and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone before the Thanksgiving Holiday for their love and support. I am deeply humbled to be one of Artesia’s newest Councilmembers. I promise to work hard to justify Artesians confidence in me, keep residents informed about what the city is doing, and ask for their input as new projects and issues arise. My door will always be open,” Ramoso said.

For over fourteen years, Ramoso has worked at the federal and state levels of government where she interfaces with constituents, listens to their problems, finds solutions and then implements them. She plans to do this with the same enthusiasm in the city of Artesia.

Ramoso’s city council agenda combines leadership and public service experience to bring Artesia forward. Throughout her campaign, she stated that her top priorities are: making City Hall more accessible, improving the quality of life for all our neighborhoods, and strengthening our local economy.

Ramoso said, “I can’t wait to get to work for all Artesians. Artesia’s best days are to come!”