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Cerritos accounts for nearly half of vote count for ABCUSD Measure BB infrastructure bond



An examination of the ABCUSD infrastructure bond – Measure BB- voting results by city from the Norwalk Registrar-Recorder’s Office show that, as predicted, the residents of Cerritos dominated the overall vote total with Lakewood coming in second.

Similar to 2014, opponents of the bond once again blatantly lied and posted the lies on several fake social media Facebook pages in an attempt to turn the vote in Cerritos but this time they failed.

Total yes votes on the measure was 12,297, 55.93%; no votes tallied 9,688, or 44.07%

Cerritos accounted for 48% (5,938) of the yes votes and 46% of the no votes (5,604).

East Lakewood accounted for 19% (2,355) of the yes votes and 10% of the no votes (1,267). East Lakewood had the biggest difference in yes versus no votes, 1,088.

As in Cerritos, the measure barely passed in Artesia; yes votes were 1,382, no votes were 1,236, a difference of only 146.

The residents of Hawaiian Gardens left no doubt about their feelings toward the bond, passing it by 678 votes, 1,126 to 448.

Finally, the ABC part of Norwalk passed the measure 596-372, while Long Beach was the only city in ABC with more no votes than yes votes, 202-141.