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Alleging Cover-Up of Molestation Incident by a Teacher, Mother Demands ABC Board President Yoo and Superintendent Sieu Resign



At last night’s ABC school board meeting, the mother of a 13-year-old that accused a teacher of molestation, lashed out at Board President Soo Yoo and Superintendent Dr. Mary Sieu, accusing them of a cover-up and not reporting the incident to officials in a timely manner.

The alleged molester, Arthur Caliz, was later arrested by the Special Victims Unit, and released on bail one day later.

Sources told HMG-LCCN that the SVU officials were shocked they were not immediately notified after the daughter gave a statement.

The emotional testimony occurred during public comment; when her testimony began accusing Yoo and Sieu of the cover-up Yoo repeatedly tried to cut her off saying “your time is up.” (at 6:45 of the video).

At the end, when the mom had left the Dias but was still talking, Board member Maynard Law waved and callously yelled out “bye” to the mom. (at 8:15 of the video).

The mother started off by saying “I am the mother of the daughter that your employee molested and I’m here to make a statement about exactly what happened.”

Sources are telling HMG-CN that the mother has contacted and met with a very high-powered attorney from Orange County.

“I’m here to tell you tonight about exactly what happened and exactly what you did not do,” the mother squarely looking at Yoo.

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“I was met by Director of Human Resources Gina Zietlow who promptly asked me to leave because they had already been called and knew I was on my way there with my daughter.”

The mother indicated Zietlow told them to go to Artesia High where they met Principal Sergio Garcia. An interview and ensued, at which time another employee took the daughter out and questioned her further.

“That’s when more evidence came out which is the criminal evidence you held onto,” the mother stated.

The employee, Rosie Gomez, wrote a report and sent it to ABC officials but, according to the mom the officials did nothing about it.

The mother heard nothing that Friday, so on Monday she went down to the courthouse to try to get a temporary restraining order but was unable to do so because her daughter was over 12 years old and had to file herself.

The mom indicated that Garcia called her back that Monday and asked her to bring the proof that was being published on social media.

She gave the information to Garcia which was then sent over to officials at ABC.

“I guess that is where your investigation started,” the mother stated trying to hold back tears.

The next day she went down to Lakewood Sheriff’s station and was told that there is no such report and nothing had been turned in.

She then spent another week and a half waiting finally going to an ABC Board meeting to vent her frustrations.

HMG-LCCN exclusively reported on that meeting.


ABCUSD Teacher Accused of Inappropriate Interactions With Student, Mother Alleges Cover-Up



“I came to the open board meeting as you have not returned my calls, and I was getting the runaround and nobody was answering my questions; specifically, Superintendent Mary Sieu would not return my calls.”

The mom said a conference call with set up for 2:30 the next day between the mother and Superintendent Sieu, with the mother looking up at Dr. Sieu saying, “you were very cold and callous on the phone, very cold and callous.”

Dr. Sieu told the mom they were going to give her daughter’s statement to the her. “Thank you for giving it to me over two weeks after the incident occurred, you should have turned it over to Lakewood Sheriffs from the very beginning since you were holding onto criminal evidence,” she stated.

The case was now in the hands of the SVU, “where it said have been from the very beginning,” she stated.

At that point Clerk of the Board Olga Rios tried to cut her off saying her time was up, the mom snapped back saying, “no it isn’t.”

Meanwhile, arraignment of Caliz will occur on November 16.

“If the district would’ve called the police when they received a statement from my daughter, they’re would never have been a mix up or a lost report.”

The mom then alleged that the district told her that they called DCFS Child Protective Services, but when she called them, they did not have a report.

Alleging a cover-up she said, “I would like to know who you spoke to at the Lakewood Sheriff’s department and the DCFS as neither has a report from you.”

The mom then slammed Superintendent Sieu and President Yoo and presented evidence of a cover-up.

“If you go back to the last meeting he will see Yoo and Dr. Sieu lie to the people saying they had no knowledge of the incident and they will follow up. That was a lie.”

At that point Yoo tried to cut her off, “can you please wrap it up, your time has passed.”

Board member Chris Apodaca and VP Letty Mendoza were yelling out to let her speak but Yoo would have nothing to do with it and kept yelling.

Undaunted, the mom continued to speak, while Yoo kept trying to stop her from talking.

The mom then looked up and said “I am asking for your resignation,” looking squarely at President Yoo and Dr. Sieu.

“You have been elected to protect the children and you have failed at your job.”

“I’m sorry you’re done,” snapped Yoo.

A yelling contest ensued at which point Maynard waved at the mom yelling “bye.”


Parents and students who have interacted with Arthur Caliz  are encouraged to call Brian Hews at 562.407.3873