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Montebello Council Candidate Kimberly Cobos Took Money From Disgraced Former Montebello Councilwoman Christina Cortez


An examination of the city of Montebello City Council campaign finance reports by Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community News has revealed that candidate Kimberly Cobos recently received $2,000 from Women of Wealth, LLC,  a company registered to disgraced ex-city councilwoman Christina Cortez at her Montebello address on West Los Angeles Street.

Listing from the Secretary of State’s website showing Cortez owns Women of Wealth.


The home is where a drug bust took place 5 years ago with Cortez’ husband pleading guilty in 2014 to selling methamphetamine to an undercover deputy within 1,000 feet from Montebello Intermediate school.

Guerrero was arrested Oct. 17, 2013, by LA County sheriff’s deputies as he was leaving his home, which he owns with Cortez.

That same year – Councilman Frank Gomez sought a restraining order against the Guerrero, claiming he threatened him with violence on two occasions, once by phone and a second time at a recent council meeting.

According to sources, Cortez has also been seen with Cobos campaigning and talking to voters in the City.


Cobos in the foreground with Cortez in the back during a campaign meeting.


Given the relationship, questions will swirl around the City about public safety. Cortez was reportedly against local police and fire while in office.

Others giving Cobos money were Gloria Diaz of Bell-$2,000; Audrey I. Marchionno of Fullerton-$3,000; Zellet Investments of Pasadena- $2,000; and Emilio Sosa of Whittier-$2,000.

HMG-LCCN reported last week that Athens, who has a contract up for renewal with the City, was donating money to candidates, reporting that Cobos had received a $5,000 campaign contribution from Athens.

The newly obtained records show that Cobos received another $2,000 from Athens last week.

Cobos’ decision to take money from and campaign with Cortez and Athens will be questioned by many residents, with some saying it will cost her the council election.

Other Montebello reports show Athens spreading the wealth among non-incumbents except for Vivian Romero, who recently voted against sending Montebello’s trash contract with Athens out to bid.

Rosie Vasquez received an additional $2,000; Romero another $2,500 for a total of $7,500; Cobos $2,000.

When contacted via text, Cobos defended her relationship with Cortez saying, “Christina contributed to my campaign because she believes in my vision for Montebello, what I stand for and the People [sic] of Montebello.”