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WIN AT ALL COSTS: Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Lying About Healthcare on TV and on the Campaign Trail

Campaign video of Rohrabacher with his daughter, “fighting for those with pre-existing conditions.”


On Wednesday afternoon, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) shared a touching campaign video detailing how his daughter Annika’s leukemia diagnosis made the need to protect people with pre-existing conditions personal for him.

“Politicians argue a lot about health care, but for me, it’s personal,” Rohrabacher says, while standing next to his daughter. “When my daughter Annika was 8 years old, she was afflicted with leukemia. It was devastating to my family, but we got through it. Today, she’s doing great.”

“So for her and all our families, we must protect America’s health care system,” he continues. “That’s why I’m taking on both parties and fighting for those with pre-existing conditions.”

Really, he has voted to kill Obamacare over 40 times.

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