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Buena Park Mayor Virginia Vaughn Comments on Arrest of Sunny Youngsun Park, Who Was Caught Stealing Campaign Signs

October 22, 2018

On Friday, October 19, 2018, Sunny Youngsun Park, candidate for Buena Park City Council in District 1 was arrested and taken into custody by Buena Park Police Officers for property theft.

A post on the Buena Park Police Department Facebook page notes, Park was arrested “near Malvern Avenue and Dale Street at about 10:00AM.” Video of Park with a car-load of stolen campaign signs is included in their post.

Understandably asked for comment by the news media, Mayor Vaughn shared, “I am shocked at Sunny Youngsun Park’s behavior. She was caught on video in the act of stealing – arrested by the police and hauled away in handcuffs to jail. She is an attorney and is fully aware of the law.”

Park has refused comment on her arrest, but has released a statement accusing Mayor Vaughn and her husband of harassment and dirty politics.

It is unconscionable that a person asking the public to put their trust in them to lead a city would participate in this type of illegal and unethical behavior. But now Sunny Youngsun Park is pointing at the person who caught her stealing and is attempting to make that the story.

No apology. No remorse for her actions. No admission that her criminal behavior was a poor choice.

Sunny Youngsun Park is clearly an unstable person that we cannot be trusted in public office.

Virginia’s husband Kenny has publicly stated that when he discovered Park stealing campaign signs, he did not know the signs did not belong the Vaughn campaign. He confronted Park and demanded she stop her illegal activity. It wasn’t until after Park’s arrest that he learned the “No Carpetbagger” signs were the signs Park was stealing. Mayor Vaughn and her husband have stated that they did not have anything to do with the carpetbagger signs and have invited the media to research her financial records and contact her sign company to verify this fact.

The real story that Sunny Youngsun Park is attempting to coverup is that she considers herself above the law and acts as if Buena Park is her private playground. Sunny Youngsun Park learned that Buena Park is a city of ethics and laws and when you break our laws, when you get caught stealing, you get arrested and sent to jail.