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Pipe and Construction Trade Councils and IBEW Local 11 Slam Cristina Garcia in Print Advertisement

Claiming GUILTY of harassment charges and stating that Garcia is still under investigation for groping a young staffer, the advertisement published in HMG-LCCN this week cites two articles, one from the L.A. Times and the other from HMG-LCCN related to Garcia’s sexual harassment and groping.

Citing HMG-LCCN once again the ad states,

“Ms. Garcia often spoke, if not bragged about her sexual activity.”
“Garcia said that having sex was a good way to get information.”
“Ms. Garcia commonly used vulgar language, calling woman the ‘C’ word.”

The ad then states, “Fire Cristina Garcia on November 6.”

The ad was paid for by Working Californians Against Corruption with major funding from the Pipe and Building and Construction Trade Councils and IBEW Local 11.

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