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Norwalk Community Forum #6: Be a Part of the Dialogue


Staff Report

 The Norwalk City Council invites residents and business members to a Community Forum on Wednesday, September 26 at 6 p.m. at the Social Services Center. Presentations on current projects and department operations will be followed by an open floor discussion, providing the community an opportunity to voice their concerns and provide feedback on quality of life issues. In addition, the City’s new solid waste hauler, Athens Services, will be present to provide outreach on services and answer resident inquiries.

Due to limited parking on site, attendees may also park in the Alondra Library parking lot, as well as the Las Buenas Church parking lot, located across the street from the Social Services Center.

Light refreshments will be served. Translation services will be available for residents who speak Spanish.

The Social Services Center is located at 11929 Alondra Boulevard.

For more info, please call at 562-929-5735.