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City boasts $2 million in reserves while putting $3 million into infrastructure repairs.


The city of Artesia is making tremendous progress and is “full speed ahead” on many projects that are having a positive impact inside the tiny southeast Los Angeles County community, most notably that crime is down 27 percent.  

For the past few years, the City has been compiling list of accomplishments, and at the August 13th Council meeting, a newly revised four-page list was presented to City Council.

“Frankly, there are many positive things happening in the city,” said City Manager Bill Rawlings. “We continue to balance our budget, reduce costs, and put monies into the reserve budget.”

This year the City has a healthy $2 million dollars in reserves. 

“Because of our fiscal responsibility, one of the most important actions we have taken is to have additional funding for public safety and hiring new deputies,” Rawlings stated. 

Indeed, crime is down an eye-popping 27 percent. 

And the streets are safer for commuters. The City added one Deputy to its traffic detail and the number of citations has gone from a few to over 300 in 2018. 

The City continues to be successful in obtaining grants and additional funds, receiving over $3 million dollars this year. 

$1.4 million was allocated for the improvements to Norwalk Boulevard, and the City will be spending additional funds revitalizing seven more streets. 

“We went from a dry period of no street improvements, to repairing two, then four, and now seven just this year. And we have more slated for 2019,” stated Rawlings.

The City continues to improve its tree trimming program and was recently awarded a grant to improve sidewalks. The City will put an infrastructure program in place, systematically researching and scheduling sidewalks that need to be repaired.

“Mr. Rawlings, you and City Staff have done a fantastic job implementing the direction of City Council and recognizing those areas where we can improve the quality of Artesia,” said Councilman Miguel Canales, “specifically, where public safety is concerned and the safety of our community and residents.” 

Councilman Ali Taj told HMG-LCCN, “I echo what Councilman Canales said, Mr. Rawlings and City Staff are doing a tremendous job, we have a balanced budget, a healthy reserve, and crime is down 27%, I would give Mr. Rawlings and Staff an A plus-plus in improving the City.”

Councilman Victor Manalo told HMG-LCCN, “Mr. Rawlings and City Staff are implementing innovative ideas and are constantly applying for grants to make the City safer while improving the infrastructure, hats off to Mr. Rawlings and City Staff.”