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Metro Board Approves Two Northern Routes for More Study for the West Santa Ana Branch Transit Corridor


Staff Report

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) Board of Directors today approved the further study of two potential northern routes for the West Santa Ana Branch (WSAB) Transit Corridor, a project which will build a 20-mile light rail line between Artesia and downtown Los Angeles.

The southern part of the route between Artesia and the southern part of downtown L.A. has been determined. The two northern routes are:
  • Concept E: to Union Station via running underground along Alameda Street.
  • Concept G: a rail line that would run under Alameda Street from the south to 7th Street and then run to the downtown core in an underground configuration.
The options will be studied as part of the project’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement/Report. At a later date, the Metro Board will designate a route for the project as the “Locally Preferred Alternative.”
“This is an important Measure M funded project that will connect communities in Southeastern Los Angeles County to downtown Los Angeles and the growing Metro Rail system,” said Metro CEO Phillip A. Washington. “Choosing these options for more study is a big step in keeping the project on track.”
The Measure M spending plan proposed building the project in two phases – the first opening as early as 2028 and the second phase by 2041. Metro’s Office of Extraordinary Innovation is working to potentially accelerate building the entire project in one phase with a project delivery strategy from the private sector.

For more information on the West Santa Ana Branch Project, visit metro.net/wsab. More community meetings to provide project updates are planned for this summer.