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SACBEE OPINION PIECE: Dems Don’t Give Cristina Garcia a Pass

Rick Zbur


Rick Zbur, Executive Director of Equality California, authored a powerful opinion piece on Sacbee.com yesterday about Cristina Garcia’s use of hate speech. Referring specifically to Garcia’s shocking admission last month of having used homophobic terms to disparage Speaker Emeritus John Perez.  (Listen to audiohere)

Zbur warned the Democratic Party that failure to hold Garcia accountable for her hate speech puts them at risk of losing credibility in their criticisms of President Trump’s similar behavior:     “We’ve seen a rise in homophobic, misogynistic and racist rhetoric condoned by the Trump administration — hate speech that is unacceptable coming from anyone, let alone elected representatives. Democratic leaders have strongly condemned President Trump’s offensive language and behavior. But they lose their moral authority when they fail to apply the same standard to allies” wrote Zbur.

Garcia, under Assembly investigation for allegations of sexual harassment, not only admitted to the use of homophobic language in an interview with KQED, but also, as reported by Politico, used a racially motivated threat in an Assembly caucus meeting.  The Southern Poverty Law Center listed Garcia on their “Hate Watch” after these reports surfaced.

Mr Zbur’s questioning of Garcia’s fitness to serve in the Assembly comes on the heels of two elected officials in her hometown of Bell Gardens calling upon Speaker Anthony Rendon to effectuate the assemblywoman’s immediate resignation from office.

“Mr Zbur poignantly began his oped speaking of the danger that hate language poses to the kids that are exposed to it. When evaluating Garcia’s fitness for office, it is important that we do the right thing for our children, and that starts with ensuring that people like Cristina Garcia who speak with bigotry and hate are not allowed to represent Californians in our State Capitol” stated Erin Lehane, spokesperson for Working Californians Against Corruption.”