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California Democratic Party Gave $26,000 to Embattled Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia’s Reelection Campaign

Garcia at HMG-CN offices in 2013.

May 5, 2018 9:34 a.m.


Standing accusations of sexual harassment and groping, along with with a Assembly Rules Committee investigation, has not stopped the California Democratic Party from donating $26,000 to embattled 58th District Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia.

Campaign documents from the California Democratic Party show the donation was made May 4, 2018.

One of the leaders of the #MeToo movement, Garcia was accused of groping and sexual harassment  in February of this year and immediately took a voluntary leave of absence.

Garcia has also been removed  from all committees and leadership positions pending the outcome of the investigation.

Shortly after leaving the Assembly, several additional accusations surfaced including Garcia asking staffers to play “Spin the Bottle” after a party, installing a “kegerator” in her office, and calling some legislators “homos.”

It was reported just this week that former Assembly Speaker John Perez reprimanded Garcia for her slurs against Asians.

Garcia is facing several candidates in the June 5 primary, including Commerce Mayor pro tem Ivan Altamirano, Bel Gardens Councilman Pedro Aceituno, who recently resigned from his Central Basin Water Director position, and Friné Medrano, Senior Field Deputy for State Senator Kevin DeLeon.

Mario Guerra, elected Treasurer of the California Republican Party and former Mayor of Downey told HMG-CN, “while the Democratic Party continues to self-destruct here in California on so many ethical issues I hope the voters will take notice of not only their lapses of morality but also their voting record.  It’s amazing to see the gumption of these politicians that believe the voters will forget and trade only on name identification. In this era I hope voters will take the time to make sure we get the representation we deserve, not retreaded unethical disgraced failed politicians of yesterday.”

HMG-CN has sent in requests for comment to Asm. Garcia, Asm. Speaker Rendon.

Eric Bauman, Chair of the California Democratic Party, told HMG-CN, “The contribution was actually in-kind. We ran a poll to see where the race stood in light of the circumstances and shared the results with her team,” said Bauman, “hence it became an in-kind contribution.”