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Bellflower Plans for Downtown ‘Transit Oriented’ Development

Courtesy Smart Growth America.org



The City of Bellflower has sent out a bid request for the development of its downtown property located on Bellflower Boulevard and Mayne Street.

Bellflower wants to build a Transit Oriented Development [TOD] comprised of mixed-use commercial and residential uses at the gateway to Bellflower’s historic Downtown, becoming a stop on Metro’s West Santa Ana Branch Corridor light rail system which was just funded this week.


West Santa Ana Branch Corridor running from Artesia to downtown Los Angeles.


TOD’s are a fast-growing urban trend that creates vibrant, livable, sustainable communities. TOD’s are compact, walkable, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use communities centered around high-quality train systems. Supporters say TOD’s make it possible to live a lower-stress life without complete dependence on a car for mobility and survival.

Supporters also claim that TOD’s are a major solution to the serious and growing problems of climate change and global energy security. TOD’s creating dense, walkable communities that greatly reduce the need for driving and energy consumption. This type of living arrangement can reduce driving by up to 85%.

They are also beautiful to look at.

The site is approximately 32,000 square feet in area and located on the southwest corner of Bellflower Boulevard and Mayne Street, with an adjacent 35,000 sq. ft. of City-owned parking lot to the rear.

The development will encompass the entire block, including the privately-owned parcels fronting Bellflower Blvd., to attract the local and regional population to Bellflower’s Downtown.

Jim DellaLonga told HMG-CN that the developer will build and market the TOD. “The number of living units will be left up to the developer,” DellaLonga said, “it’s up to the developer and what they can design to work effectively and pencil out economically on that site.”

He also indicated that the developer will be building the project, and footing the bill, not the City. “The City owns the former Greek Market property on the corner of Bellflower Blvd. and Mayne St. as well as the parking lot in the rear.”

DellaLonga finished, “With the recent completion of the Mayne Event Center and LA County Fire Museum, the landing of SteelCraft Bellflower in Downtown, we are very excited.”

“Now with the regional transit center parking structure starting construction this year across Mayne Street, and the future Bellflower Boulevard light rail station on the north side of the transit right-of-way, the City feels this is an excellent Transit Oriented, Mixed-Used Development opportunity and we’re looking forward to seeing what the TOD development community brings to the table for this site.”

The award is expected in July with start date of mid-August.For further information contact the City of Bellflower’s Economic Development Department at 562 804-1424