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Supervisor Hahn Announces Farmers Market Coming Soon to Rancho Los Amigos Campus

Downey, CA—Today, Supervisor Janice Hahn announced that a weekly farmers’ market is coming to the Rancho Los Amigos campus in Downey.  The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved Hahn’s motion to allow the farmers’ market to take place every Thursday from 10 am to 2 pm starting May 17.

“A farmers’ market is coming to the Rancho Los Amigos campus,” said Supervisor Hahn. “If you work or live in the area, this is a great opportunity to shop for some fresh, locally-grown produce or a fun and delicious way to spend your lunch break.”

The farmers’ market will be run by Supporting Arms, a nonprofit whose proceeds go toward helping foster youth and will be a beautiful place for patients, employees, and the greater Downey community with opportunities to purchase healthy and locally grown produce, homemade papusas, fresh juice and much more.

Eventually, the produce grown in the hospital’s very own community garden will be sold at the farmer’s market, giving patients who tend to this garden a chance to see their products go to market.

“We are extremely excited to offer our patients and the surrounding community healthier food choices,” said Rochessa Washington, a representative for the hospital. “It’s only befitting as Rancho Los Amigos operated as an LA County Poor Farm in the 1920’s. If you were homeless and destitute, you could work on the farm in exchange for room and board. Hosting a weekly Farmer’s Market is in alignment with our mission to restore health, rebuild life, and revitalize hope for persons with a life changing illness, injury or disability”.

As the only rehabilitation hospital in Los Angeles County’s Department of Health Services, Rancho serves a unique and vital role in patient recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration. The hospital specializes in brain, neurology, orthopedic, pediatric, spine injury, and stroke rehabilitation. Each year, the hospital provides care to approximately 4,000 inpatients and 71,000 outpatients, making it one of the largest rehabilitation centers in the nation.