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Metro Receives Unsolicited Proposal for Aerial Rapid Transit Between Union Station and Dodger Stadium

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) received an unsolicited proposal from Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies LLC (ARTT) on Wednesday that calls for building an aerial tram that would carry passengers between the ballpark and Los Angeles Union Station.

Metro’s Unsolicited Proposal policy allows the private sector to submit ideas to improve Metro projects, programs and services. All proposals are subject to a Phase One analysis within 60 days of being received. Metro can then choose to advance proposals with merit to a more detailed Phase Two review.“Dodger Stadium is one of the crown jewels of baseball and draws fans from across our region and the nation,” said Metro CEO Phillip A. Washington. “We take seriously any idea that provides a good alternative to driving, and we’re eager to consider this proposal from the private sector and advise our Metro Board accordingly.”A gondola and other options for improving access to Dodger Stadium was part of an informational study in 1990 by the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission, which later merged with the RTD to form Metro.

he idea was never pursued beyond the study.“We set up the Unsolicited Proposal process to encourage outside-the-box thinking when it comes to mobility and building new transportation infrastructure,” said Metro Chief Innovation Officer Joshua Schank. “The Dodgers’ proposal is intriguing and we’re looking forward to reviewing the details.”Metro has run the popular Dodger Stadium Express free bus service from Union Station since 2010. A second route between Harbor Gateway Transit Center in the South Bay and the ballpark was added in 2015.