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Cerritos College Men’s Tennis upcoming matches

The season is still in its infancy but we have already witnessed some great action from Cerritos College Men’s tennis team. Seven matches have been played so far and Cerritos College has won all but one. It really has been incredible but there is one thing that has dampened some of the matches’ i.e. low turnout of spectators. The college is encouraging students to schedule casino games at times that do not clash with college games so that as many people can attend and carry the team forward.

Key matches

Cerritos College vs Lake Forest College (13 March)

On March 13, Cerritos welcomes Lake Forest College for an afternoon of great tennis action. Whenever these two have clashed in the past, some mouth-watering action is produced and that is expected this time around. There will be six matches between these two on the day.

Over the years, Cerritos and Lake Forest College have had an almost similar pattern, they have the same style of play and their players seem to have the same strengths and weaknesses. Both colleges have also been able to mould players who have managed to break into the professional tiers of US tennis with some going on to represent the country at various age groups in international tournaments. The same will be expected this year as many scouts wait to scoop the best talents to emerge from these two tennis powerhouses in the US.

Cerritos College vs Victor Valley (22 March)

Straight from the Lake Forrest College game, Cerritos College travels to Victor Valley. Last season, the two colleges played each other on five occasions with Cerritos College just edging the ‘series’ by a single victory. Victor Valley will be hoping to bounce back and get some bragging rights but they know it won’t be easy especially considering the fast start Cerritos College has had this season.

Cerritos College goes into this tourney knowing that their opponents are seeking a revenge. Victor Valley won’t need much motivation going into the tourney and that is not a good thing for Cerritos. However, if Cerritos can keep their composure, they have a chance of winning this tourney and reclaiming the bragging rights.

Cerritos College vs Glendale (3 April)

Three days before the team starts the adventure in the Western Conference Tournament, Cerritos College will travel to Glendale. The games at Glendale will be more preparatory as both will be making the final touches before they start the hunt for a trophy for the year 2018. On offer are also bragging rights so expect some pulsating action from these matches. We also might see emerging talents here as coaches try to sort out their teams for the upcoming tournaments. Cerritos College and Glendale are likely not to meet each other in the opening stages of the Western Conference Tournament but will possibly meet each other if they both manage to advance to the later stages. Both teams will be hoping that they progress to the later stages as in recent years they have failed to make an impact.