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Senate Concludes Investigation Into State Senator Tony Mendoza, Will Present Findings Feb. 20

By Brian Hews

Friday Feb. 16, 2018, 3:00 p.m.

Hews Media Group-Community News has obtained a letter from the Senate Rules Committee indicating that the investigation into State Senator Tony Mendoza’s sexual harassment charges has been concluded.

“The Senate’s independent investigative law firm has completed their investigation of sexual harassment allegations against Senator Tony Mendoza. This morning the factual findings of the investigation were presented to the Rules Committee.”

“The committee will take the facts and findings under advisement and return on Tuesday, February 20 to finalize recommendations to the body on the matter.”

“If disciplinary action is recommended, the facts and findings will be presented to both the Senate and Democratic and Republican Caucus on Wednesday, February 21.”

“If the rules committee recommends disciplinary action and a resolution is considered on the Senate floor, Senator Mendoza, who was given significant opportunity to present his position during the investigative process, will have the opportunity to contest the recommendation on the Senate floor.



“Under California Constitution, Article IV, Section 5, this suspension or expulsion of a sitting Senator may only be carried out by a two-thirds vote of the Senate body. Censure of a sitting Senator requires a majority vote of the Senate body.”