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BOSTYX Blows the Roof Off the Cerritos Center


BOSTYX:  (l-r) Victor Bender, Roby Duron, Boston star David Victor, Manny Aguirre and Glenn Jost.


By Brian Creason
Feb. 12, 2018, 2:20 p.m.

My two favorite bands growing up in the 70’s and 80’s was Styx and Boston.

Styx mega albums Grand Illusion, followed by Paradise Theater, contained some of my favorite songs that, to this day, I still love to hear.

Although recording less albums, Boston favorites were the self-titled 1976 album Boston followed two years later by Don’t Look Back.

That’s why I became intrigued when I heard of the band called the BOSTYX, who play both Boston and Styx songs, playing at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts last Saturday; and I was not disappointed.

The band blew the lid off the famed and beautiful venue playing an eclectic list of songs from both bands that had the whole house dancing in the aisles.



The band is led by former Boston star David Victor, who handled the vocals of Boston’s Brad Delp and Styx’ Tommy Shaw. In for Dennis De Young vocals was multi-talented drummer and lead vocalist, Glenn Jost. Roby Duron was on lead guitar and on bass was Manny Aguirre. The incredible Victor Bender, who glided between the keyboard and the guitar, did great impressions of Dennis DeYoung on the keyboards.

The show lasted over two hours, with an intermission, and featured two encore songs.

For those interested here is what they played in order: Rock ‘n’ Roll Band, Rocking the Paradise, Blue-Collar Man, Fooling Yourself, and a smoking hot Smokin.

Glenn Jost then launched into a great rendition of Lady, while playing the drums no less, followed by More Than a Feeling, Best of Times, Don’t Look Back, Grand Illusion, Feeling Satisfied, Heaven on Earth, Too Much and Time on my Hands.

Victor then jokingly said, “you might know this song” and broke into a rock-solid Amanda followed by Miss America, Mr. Roboto, Something About You, Lorelie, Renegade, Piece of Mind, and rousing rendition of one of my favorites Come Sail Away.

Technically these guys were fantastic remaking the timeless songs of Boston and Styx while embodying the energy the two bands had on stage.

As a huge classic rock fan, watching one band perform songs of Styx and Boston was extremely exciting; being at the Cerritos Center made it all the better.

Even Victor was impressed with the CCPA saying, “man this place is gorgeous, I have to come back to the Cerritos Center.”

Indeed, and I will most certainly be there.