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Did Cerritos Resident Chu Demean Daniel Fierro, Call Him ‘Pudgy Motherfu**er‘ on Facebook?

By Brian Hews

Hews Media Group-Community News has obtained a disturbing and demeaning Facebook rant apparently aimed at Cerritos resident Daniel Fierro and his recent revelation that Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia sexually harassed him after an assembly softball game.

In the article, first published by POLITICO, Fierro told the Washington D.C. online magazine that Garcia, “cornered him alone after the annual Assembly softball game in Sacramento as he attempted to clean up the dugout. Fierro, who said Garcia appeared inebriated, said she began stroking his back, then squeezed his buttocks and attempted to touch his crotch before he extricated himself and quickly left.

A prominent Sacramento lobbyist said Garcia also accosted him in May 2017, when she cornered him, made a graphic sexual proposal, and tried to grab his crotch at a political fundraiser.

The demeaning rant was posted by Cerritos resident Katherine George Chu, past president of the Cerritos Artesia Woman’s

Katherine George Chu

Club, and, according to her Facebook page, is “currently managing” the Woman’s Club.

Chu is also a State employee working as a “quality assessment interviewer” for the State Council on Developmental Disabilities.

Chu is an outspoken supporter of Cristina Garcia, pictured frequently with the assemblywoman at local events in and around Cerritos. She is also a critic of State Senator Tony Mendoza, who has been embroiled in sexual harassment controversy since Jan of this year.

In apparent response to the accusations, Chu wrote on her Facebook page just hours after the Fierro story broke, “If someone accuses me of sexual harassment, please don’t let it be some pudgy, soft motherfucker with no sexual appeal. Please. That’s all I ask. I have some standards. I could fetch a pretty decent looking guy if I felt motivated and willing to put up with his bullshit.”






Chu’s Facebook page showing the post on bottom right.


Shockingly, three people “liked” the post including Cerritos activist and frequent Cerritos City Council critic Mel Cortez.






When contacted by HMG-CN Chu at first denied the post, then denied the post was about Fierro. “That is your assumption that the post is about Fierro.” When asked who the post was aimed at Chu declined to comment.


Chu (far left) with Cristina Garcia.



Cortez first thought it was about Fierro but said, “I am speculating.”

Others who contacted HMG-CN felt that the post was aimed squarely at Fierro.

A resident and Facebook friend of Chu’s who did not want to be identified told HMG-CN, “Chu and others have been very vocal against (State Senator Tony) Mendoza, parroting what Garcia was saying about him. Now Garcia is outed as and Chu attacks the messenger, she should be ashamed of herself, she is a hypocrite.”

HMG-CN contacted Fierro who said, “”I hope we can all learn to respect the rights of individuals who come forward in circumstances such as these. We need to create an environment that allows these important discussions to take place and does not discourage people — of all genders — from stepping forward.”