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The Cerritos Sheriff’s Station now has the use of five Automatic License Plate Reader patrol vehicles to assist in crime suppression efforts throughout the City of Cerritos.


Staff Report

The Cerritos Sheriff’s Station recently added three new Ford Explorer patrol vehicles to its fleet that feature Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) technology. Cerritos deputies now deploy a total of five ALPR-equipped vehicles daily to aid them in their crime suppression efforts. The original two ALPR equipped vehicles were introduced to the Station’s fleet in 2016.

The new patrol vehicles are equipped with the most updated version of ALPR technology. They feature four roof-mounted, high-resolution, infrared digital cameras providing 360 degree coverage and a computer that automatically photographs, geo-tags and instantly checks the license plate number of every vehicle that passes within proximity of the ALPR cameras. The ALPR system immediately notifies the patrolling deputy if a scanned license plate belongs to a stolen vehicle, a person with an outstanding warrant or other persons of interest. The Cerritos Sheriff’s Station’s crime analyst and detectives utilize the scanned license plate data to locate possible witnesses and suspects.

“These additional ALPR-equipped patrol vehicles are a welcome tool that will assist our deputies in keeping our community safe,” remarked Cerritos Mayor Grace Hu. “Three of the five ALPR-equipped patrol vehicles are assigned specifically to the City’s residential burglary abatement efforts, with the other two assigned to Cerritos’ commercial districts.”