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Kent Browning Offers to Purchase Cerritos/Astor Museum Collection

By Brian Hews

Hews Media has obtained a letter from Kent Browning, President of the Browning Automotive Group, and owner of several dealerships in the Cerritos Auto Square, to the city of Cerritos,  offering to purchase the entire Cerritos/Astor Museum Collection.

Browning started the letter off, “please consider this letter as my formal offer to purchase the Cerritos/Astor collection.”

Browning indicated in the letter that he is an avid vehicle collector and “would very much like to see the collection remain in the city of Cerritos.”

Browning indicated he presently owns two warehouse buildings in Cerritos which could accommodate the entire collection.

Browning wrote that he spent “considerable time trying to establish my estimate of the value of the collection to me” and subsequently bid $1,127,000.

Browning cited a 1936 Oldsmobile that was available for viewing but not listed in the documents and indicated that if the Oldsmobile is not included, to reduce his offered by $40,000.

Browning said he was immediately prepared to purchase and will need until January 31 to remove the items.