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E3 2018 Set to Bring the Future of Video Gaming to LA


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Staff Report

One of the world’s biggest conferences discussing and showcasing the future of the global video gaming industry is set to roll into Los Angeles in June 2018. E3 2018 is a fascinating conference that investigates all aspects of the video gaming industry, including the debut of new gaming technologies and products. The expo crams its way annually into the Los Angeles Convention Center, where thousands of the world’s most talented and innovative minds in the video gaming industry convene. E3 2017 was a huge success, bringing 68,400 attendees, including video gaming brands, analysts, and fanatics from more than 100 nations to LA to take part in hugely interesting debates and discussions throughout the three-day event.

Over 2,000 products were on show at E3 2017, including over 150 that had never been seen prior to this expo. As you can imagine in such an exciting and vibrant environment, this expo was big city news and it was all too easy to miss some of the most significant announcements and developments to come out of E3 2017. So, let’s recap some of the main headlines from the last event.


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The event confirmed the release of the Microsoft Xbox One X, which was released on November 7, 2017. The console is reportedly the most powerful games console on the planet. Nintendo revealed that a mainstream Pokemon video game will be coming to Nintendo Switch in the near future, while Super Mario Odyssey was unveiled with a new trailer and released on October 27. Sony confirmed an early 2018 release for God of War, as well as a plethora of reasons to encourage its gamers to purchase the PlayStation VR headset. Sony’s PlayLink was also revealed, bringing a collection of smartphone games to the PS4 console while being controlled by an Android or iOS smartphone.

What is E3 2018 likely to bring to the video gaming community?

Procedural narratives and backgrounds

While this sub-heading might not get gamers’ pulses racing, the concept itself is incredibly fascinating. For decades video game developers have created pre-programmed storylines and plots for their games. If you must complete a specific mission once to advance to the next level, you’ll have to complete the same mission again when you start all over again. However, advancements in the computing power of a gamer’s typical console or desktop computer are making procedural gaming narratives increasingly likely in video game titles released in the coming months and years. What is the upshot of this development? The outcome of each game will not be pre-determined before a player picks up their controller. Instead, gamers will enjoy new experiences in locations and different interactions with characters every time they play. Some games already feature side-quests which operate in this manner, but it won’t be long until we experience full games with procedural narratives and backgrounds.

Accessible modding

For some time now, gamers have been able to alter some gaming titles to incorporate additional features. Those with computer programming skills have enjoyed the challenge and thrill of enhancing their favourite games, such as Championship Manager, Skyrim, and Minecraft. However, it is thought that video games will soon be capable of being modified by the everyday gamer. Accessible modding would no doubt utilize the same kind of tech that would make pre-programmed procedural narratives a thing of the past. It’s unsure quite how sophisticated the modifications could get but, already, gamers are able to change the face of characters by uploading a picture of their own face in FIFA 18 so personalization could be hugely engaging.

Multiplayer gaming action

Traditionally, multiplayer video games are either co-operative, where individuals work together as part of a team for a common goal or competitive, where players do battle against one another. Whether it’s Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, or League of Legends, the world of eSports on Twitch has made online multiplayer gaming more attractive and engaging than ever, making a real splash in eNewspapers, online streaming platforms such as Twitch, and even major TV broadcasters. Even the iGaming sector with brands like Betway Casino, offering multiplayer versions of classic table games such as roulette, which allows players to interact with fellow gamblers as they watch the wheel spin. However, there is a feeling that multiplayer games will soon offer a different role, where gamers play together despite having various roles to carry out. This is already bearing fruit in games such as Call of Duty, where online multiplayer action requires players to protect various parts of a map together, and FIFA 18, where online clubs can be formed of 11 active human players on the pitch at one time – just as engaging for teens as any high school sports game.

Virtual reality


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There are no two ways about it, virtual reality (VR) has arrived in the video gaming sector in a big way already. It’s projected to deliver revenues of more than $7bn worldwide by the end of 2017 and a new report by Greenlight Insights anticipates an explosion of VR gaming revenue to upwards of $75bn by 2021. The PlayStation VR headset has helped to bring VR gaming to the mainstream console market. Meanwhile, Google Cardboard has introduced millions of smartphone users to VR, with their basic yet immersive cardboard goggles. As the ‘clunkiness’ of VR eventually wears off and developers design games specifically for the VR gaming universe, we are guaranteed to see something special at E3 2018.

For those interested in being a part of E3 2018, you can click here to sign up for the latest updates and announcements regarding the expo. Those thinking of exhibiting at the show can also discuss space options via the expo’s website link above.