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Current La Mirada Councilman Andrew Sarega (left) and Tony Aiello remain under investigation by the FPPC.


By Brian Hews

The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) has confirmed that the campaign finance investigation started after the La Mirada City Council election in March 2017 continues to be active and on going.

The investigation was a result of a series of articles exclusively published by Hews Media Group-Community News.

In an email, FPPC spokesperson Jay Wierenga told HMG-CN, “I was forwarded an email from Enforcement regarding your inquiry, I can say the case is open.”

The investigation centers around losing District 1 candidate Tony Aiello, current councilman Andrew Serega, and an independent expenditure committee run by resident Ionel Imbre called Residents for a better La Mirada, (RBLM).

The FPPC is looking at whether the independent expenditure committee colluded with Sarega and Aiello in sending out campaign materials, a major FPPC violation that carries heavy fines.

Independent expenditure committees are just that, by law they have to be independent from any candidate and cannot be controlled by anyone running for office.

Current Congressional candidate Stelian Onufrie, who’s campaign is being run by Sarega, donated the money to RBLM under a construction company listing it’s address as a PO Box at a UPS store in La Habra.

RBLM spend thousands on campaign mailer‘s supporting Aiello and Sarega and slamming their opponents John Lewis and Pauline Deal.

Lewis beat Aiello, but Deal lost to Sarega.

The attack campaign mailers were strikingly similar in graphic design and content. They were also printed and mailed from the same post office in Texas.

The revelation of the campaign information triggered the FPPC investigation.

Aiello recently sent a threatening retraction letter to HMG-CN denying involvement even though he is under investigation by the FPPC.