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BREAKING: Artesia Recall Fails Miserably, Could Not Muster a Single Signature

By Brian Hews

The recall against Artesia Mayor Ali Taj, and Councilmen Victor Manalo and Miguel Canales has, according to city officials, failed to gather enough signatures and will be disbanded.

The controversial and fraudulent attempt was led by resident proponents Rene Trevino and Dorothy Kane, along with Artesia businessman and Cerritos resident Gurpal Sood.



Writer and Cerritos resident Melinda Kimsey along with her unpaid staff of Jerry Bernstein and Cerritos Fine Arts and Historical Commissioner Janet Beach, also assisted the group, writing questionable articles about Taj, Manalo and Canales in Kimsey’s newsletter; Ms. Beach is the “Managing Editor.”




The effort will go down in California municipal history as one of the most deceitful recall attempts ever to be perpetrated on city officials.

The group, apparently embarrassed and humiliated by Artesia residents as they attempted to gather signatures, could not submit one page of signatures to the City Clerk.

The recall has roiled the quiet city’s image and was the effort of a few disgruntled business people on Pioneer Boulevard that included Sood.

Trevino and Kane wanted to remove Taj, Canales, and Manalo and replace them with people of their own choosing who would have fired City staff and installed their own puppet government.

Kimsey’s sole goal was to obtain the contract for City advertising for her newsletter after the takeover.

The City will now try to rebuild its image while remaking Pioneer Boulevard into a shopping destination for area residents.

When asked for comment, Councilman Miguel Canales told HMG-CN, “We are thankful for the community’s support during the reckless, irresponsible, and fraudulent recall. Artesia will heal from the divisiveness created by self-interested individuals. We will continue making Artesia great and moving forward with the community’s best interest in mind. The fraud committed by various individuals behind the recall has been investigated. We look forward to closure of the ongoing investigation of their fraudulent behavior.”