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Car Takes Out Transformer at Del Amo and Coyote Creek in La Palma



By Brian Hews

Monday Oct. 30, 2017, 8:50 p.m.

Residents are telling HMG-CN that a car hit a transformer in La Palma. Cerritos Sheriff’s told HMG-CN that the accident was at Del Amo and Coyote Creek and was being handled by La Palma Police.

HMG-CN contacted the La Palma PD who said “everyone was out on calls and that they could not comment on the situation.”

This picture was sent in by Jim McMahon, Cerritos resident who lives near the accident.

McMahon said “all the power is out, we have a major fire at the bridge, it’s burn all the wires under the bridge too. The black smoke is horrendous and we keep hearing explosions because the electrical wiring is burning blocks away.  They’re saying we won’t have power till the end of the week.”