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By Larry Caballero

More than forty disgruntled seniors came to Cerritos Park East (CPE) to share their discontent and to hear what Cerritos Recreation Services Superintendent Sherre Titus had to say about the City no longer allowing them to exercise in the pool if they are using a taped recording.

One senior said, “It must be important to a lot of us to have such a large turnout.”

Titus explained that Cerritos is no longer allowing a water aerobics volunteer program to continue, if school is not in session, because of liability issues.

Seniors have reportedly slipped on the wet floor and have sued the City and ABC School District.

Titus was willing to admit that she had read numerous testimonials that explained the many benefits of a water aerobics class, and the seniors should not take personally the City’s decision.

One senior said no senior who slipped in the shower room was listening to a tape.  “We exercise in the pool-not the shower room.”

Another senior said that a recording is safer “because we’re all doing the same sequence of routines together at the same time.”

Titus was not in the mood to reconsider. “We cannot authorize or condone the volunteer program,” she said, “because we are responsible for any injury.”

Consequently, boom boxes that have any kind of exercise routine tape will not be allowed at the CPE pool because “instruction is taking place even if there is no instructor physically present.”

Water shoes were also a problem, but many seniors did not understand what the shoes had to do with lawsuits.

Titus did admit that the injuries “were mostly not in the shower room and none in the pool.”

At this point, seniors were getting angry and wanted Titus to share what the City’s final solution would be.

Titus said anyone is welcome to drop-in and exercise in the pool, but no tape will be allowed.

As seniors were becoming angrier, Titus said, “I want to come up with something that will work.  A good solution with the school district.”

Titus indicated that the City may offer classes in the summer months, school breaks and holidays when the school district is not offering classes. “We will do our best to augment as best we can.”

Titus has been in contact with ABC Adult School Principal Dr. PaoLing Guo, who was prepared to offer one-hour summer aerobics classes, in two pool lanes for up to twenty-four students from June 11 to July 3 only, for a nominal fee per class session.  Times are tentatively set for 10:00 AM to noon.

“I understand how important water aerobics can be for our seniors who need to exercise and rehabilitate from surgeries, said Guo, “and we will try our best to accommodate their needs, but the district does not make any money from offering a summer class.

Even so, ABC Adult School values our student loyalty, and we will keep working on solutions that will be beneficial to everyone concerned.”

Seniors were not completely satisfied, but they are willing to see how it all plays out in the months to come.  If the solutions are not satisfactory, they plan to go back to the City Council or ABC School Board meetings to voice their concerns.