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California Lt. Governor candidate and frontrunner State Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez speaks to a standing room only crowd at the October Hubert Humphrey Democratic Club meeting at Mimi’s Café. The club meets every third Monday of the month. Photo by Lou Delgado.


By Larry Caballero

California State Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez was the keynote speaker Oct. 16 at the Hubert Humphrey Democratic Club at Mimi’s Café where he shared his values and reasons for running for Lt. Governor in 2018.

Hernandez already has more than 300 endorsements including many from the legislators in the state assembly and senate.

Hernandez thanked the Democratic club for inviting and endorsing him for Lt. Governor.

“I have traveled up and down this state for more than a year now, and I plan to continue meeting with constituents and hearing what concerns and issues they have.  We need to constantly be aware of our residents’ needs, and be prepared to change, if we want to continue to be the fifth largest economy in the world,” said Hernandez.

As a health care provider in predominantly low-income communities, the need to improve access to health care is what drove him to run for office.  Hernandez was first elected to the Assembly in November of 2006, and re-elected in November of 2008.  He won his seat in the California State Senate in November of 2010 and was re-elected once again in 2014.

Hernandez is especially proud of the drug price transparency bill that he authored and was signed into law by Governor Brown.  The first of its kind, it requires drug companies doing business in California to notify the public two months in advance of any dramatic price spikes.

He also authored the Freedom of Choice in Family Planning Act that was co-sponsored by Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California and Essential Access Health.

The bill would ensure that millions of Californians, enrolled in Medi-Cal managed care plans, will continue to access essential health services like time-sensitive contraception and STD testing and treatment from providers they trust for high quality care.

This is particularly important for women who need appointments without delay and have concerns about confidentiality.

Senator Hernandez serves as Chair for the Senate Committee on Health and also Chair for the Senate Committee on Legislative Ethics.  He is also a member of the Business, Professions, and Economic Development Committee and the Senate Insurance Committee.

As the President of the Senate, the Lt. Governor presides over debate in that chamber and oversees the movement of legislation through the chamber. He is a statewide constitutional officer and vice-executive of the State of California.

The Lieutenant Governor is elected to serve a four-year term and can serve a maximum of two terms. In addition to basically ceremonial roles, serving as acting governor in the absence of the Governor, and as President of the California State Senate, the Lieutenant Governor either sits on, or appoints representatives to, many of California’s regulatory commissions and executive agencies.

Senator Hernandez currently is proud to represent the 22nd Senate District, which encompasses the cities and communities of the San Gabriel Valley.